lamela.jpg (46795 bytes) Cooper for commutators bars
The basic material used for commutator bars is electrolyte copper with silver - CuAg. Normally,commutator bars are made of copper of the following composition:
99,9 % electrolyte copper (ECu)
0,025%-0,035% silver (Ag)
0,004% maximum oxyden content (O2 )
0 ,001%-0,007 % phosporus (P)
The hardness of copper bars is 95-105 Brinell (HB).On your special request,we also use copper with a higher content of silver up to 0.1% Ag. 

izolace.jpg (42590 bytes) Insulation between bars
The basic material is remicanite. Remicanite is made of splittings of raw mica which are bound to plates of uniform thickness by means of SHELLAC or epoxy resin.

tableta.jpg (56875 bytes) Moulding compound
By the molding compound,the commutator parts are insulated and bound into a homogenous body. The molding compound is exposed to the mechanical and considerable thermal and electrical loads. Therefore, the quality of commutators primarily depends on the selection of the corect molding compound. We use compounds based on phenolic resins produced by BAKELITE AG.
Class : F - 155°C


Commutators can be reinforced by rings for the high speed. Material of rings is steel or glass fibres.

pouzdro.jpg (46556 bytes) Bore
The bore may be reinforced by a steel bush. It is better for pressing of commutator on the shaft.


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